04 Apr 2021

Ghost Diving UK completes its first survey and recovery

The time has finally come, after the launch of Ghost Diving United Kingdom in February, it was time for their initial surveys dives and recovery operations last week. The brand new team has prepared well in recent weeks, in close contact with the other chapters they have taught themselves the Ghost Diving standard operating procedures, trained with their team and all necessary equipment was purchased.

As soon as COVID-19 restrictions were loosened in the United Kingdom and the team was allowed to sail again, they did so immediately. During two surveys on the famous shipwreck S.S. Mars, a large number of lobster pots were located and a plan was made to remove them. A few days later, the first recovery was carried out on April 2, during which two lobster pots could be safely removed and a plan was devised to remove the next pots. As soon as the weather permits, the salvage activities will continue.

We are proud of this first milestone, we wish you many beautiful and safe survey and recovery dives. They are ready!

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