25 Sep 2021

Ghost Diving annual Volunteer Day 2021

September 25th, after an absence due to the COVID19 pandemic last year, we recently had our annual Dutch Ghost Diving Volunteer Day, which is all about having fun and meeting each other outside of our projects. The day started with a dive together in our “home lake” Vinkeveense Plassen with our partner Scuba Academie and a vegan BBQ provided by Het Slachthuis.

Of course, we can't dive without cleaning up underwater debris, because that's what we do. A large number of objects such as plastic cups, beer cans and other waste were collected.
Events with our teams are, as always one big party! For everyone who couldn't come, you missed something!

Did you know? Within our organization we take good care of our volunteers, so our food choices are a responsible choice for both our health and our planet and thus 100% VEGAN.

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