09 May 2022

Ghost Diving Portugal accepted as member of Estação Náutica de Sesimbra

On the 17th of February 2022, Ghost Diving Portugal had the privilege of being accepted as an effective member of Estação Náutica de Sesimbra, coordinated by the Municipal of Sesimbra and now being part of the 41 public and private partners whose objective is the strategic development of quality tourism based on the economy of the sea. Working with the community - Ghost Diving Portugal introduced itself to the 8th grade students of Escola Básica Navegador Rodrigues Soromenho in Sesimbra last March 2022. Sharing information and ocean literacy with future generations is part of our purpose.

We thank the 8th graders of this very special School, and the Professor Carlos Zacarias, Professor Raquel Machado and Professor Susana Pinto for their availability and interest in this partnership! Stay tuned on these "Future Ghost Divers"

Ghost Diving Portugal clean-ups in the Marine Park Professor Luiz Saldanha, Sesimbra River Proa and Baía da Armação. Total ghost gear removed:

- 50m of Ropes
- 16 Fish traps

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