20 Aug 2020

Another 500KG ghost gear recovered from North Sea shipwrecks

Because our average travel distance to reach shipwrecks is four hours and we can only dive at slack water, our North Sea cleanup days start very early. Our 14 volunteers started the morning of Sunday August 16th at 6:00 and they will probably be back in the harbor around 22:00.

This day the team completed two successful clean-up dives at shipwrecks S.S. Trevier and REM3 and the collected an impressive amount of approx. 500KG of lost fishing gear! After the second dive our brave volunteer superheroes (including new ones!) were made aware of the power of nature and bad weather came up... luckily the clouds predicted it on time, and everyone arrived safely in the harbor.

This project was also able to take place thanks to the enormous help of Healthy Seas and the salvaged nets will be recycled and upcycled as much as possible.

We like to thank every single volunteer for their time and effort to complete this project. See you all next time!

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