30 Jul 2020

International Ghost Diving volunteers work two days in the Adriatic

When you think of team work, you think of Ghost Diving. The only way to learn this work is to join an experienced team and learn from them, along the way you become part of the team (or not) and voila: You know your destiny.

At July 25-26, 2020, when the Dutch team and Ghost Diving Greece were together "polishing up" a British WWII Submarine, a Ghost Diving Adriatic team consisting of Croats, Italians, Poles and Dutch started parallel cleaning up local Croatian reefs in Krnica.

This project was also able to take place thanks to the enormous help of Healthy Seas and the salvaged nets will be recycled and upcycled as much as possible.

Watch their tireless efforts in this video. Great job everyone!

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