28 Sep 2020

Three North Sea shipwrecks surveyed by the Dutch team

Last September the Dutch team had planned three North Sea cleanup trips in the West and the North of our country, which were all canceled due to bad weather conditions at sea. Maybe you know this, but we have to respect the limit of one meter high waves to keep diving in the North Sea safe. Unfortunately, a large part of our planned trips are canceled because of this.

Fortunately, some of us have seen the opportunity to go out for a dive in better conditions with one of our regular charters. So this month we still have been able to survey three known shipwrecks on which huge quantities of fishing gear have been found. The type of fishing gear varies from trawler nets to gill nets and recreational fishing gear at depths of 25 to 35 meters. We have included all this information in our database and will visit these shipwrecks when the opportunity arises. Keep an eye on our posts for a Ghost Diving trip report!

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