29 Oct 2020

Ghost Diving Poland and Adriatic volunteers joined forces again

They are back, Ghost Diving Poland. This time they headed to Krnica (Croatia) to join forces with Ghost Diving Adriatic continuing their local efforts cleaning up local waters. The target areas in this project were located in respectively Plomin and Ravni.

October 24th The Bay of Plomin, Croatia

Due to a very strong wind and heavy rain they were not able to navigate out of the bay safely. Nevertheless, they shifted their plan and managed to dive in a part of the channel in the port of Plomin. Eventually they located and cleaned up around 400m of gillnets together with 2 lost anchors. With this they saved the life of several crabs and a scorpion fish.

October 25th Ravni, Croatia

More luck with the weather this time and they went back to the same area as they were in July 2020. That time they marked a very long ghost net they were not able to recover the last time. Two huge ghost nets with sizes of 350m-450m each were recovered at depths between 20 and 35m.

Thanks again team, we are very much looking forward to your next project!

This project was made possible by Healthy Seas and Krnica Dive.

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