20 Feb 2021

Monofilament fishing net removal Chekka, Lebanon

Ghost Diving Lebanon’s chapter started the year on the right foot despite the pandemic and the issues that have been following everyone for the past year.

“Extreme times” is how we describe or define what the globe has been passing through, nevertheless the fight to pursue ocean clean-ups and keeping up with the augmented pollution levels caused by our race, is clearly showcasing itself as an ongoing necessity.

The Lebanese team and with a correlation of a conscious activist friend from France, followed on a lead from divers in the area about a large monofilament net that was discovered stuck to the side of reef.

The Ghost Net was located on a frequently visited dive site, at 30 meters of depth, covering an elevation of approximately 6 to 7 meters and a horizontal spread of no less than 25 meters, posing multiple hazards on different levels to marine life and divers alike.

The Team, consisting of Imad Farhat, Christian Khater, Elie el Khoury and our friend Frederic Cabos visiting from France, planned & executed the retrieval dive with utmost safety measures due to the outlined challenges, where they managed to successfully remove, retrieve & document the Ghost Net.

It is also eminent to highlight the continuous support provided by the guys at “NORTHCOAST Diving facility” following their interest and involvement in these environmental initiatives.

Not needing to mention, that the standardization of training skills and proficient technical diving on such missions, give additional needed safety margins for the success of the dives and the welfare of the participating members.

Always noting, Ghost Diving retrieval missions require special training combined with a specific set of skills, and not to be performed or attempted by untrained personnel.

Imad Farhat | Ghost Diving Lebanon

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