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Ghost Diving - Diver relocates lobster away from a ghost net

Ghost Diving

Ghost Diving is a registered charity founded in 2012 by technical divers specialized in the removal of lost fishing gear and other marine debris. Ghost Diving is the largest and most experienced global diving organization specialized in the “ghost fishing” phenomenon with a track record in a wide variety of countries and international waters.

~ Ghost fishing is a common term that describes what happens when derelict fishing gear ‘continues to fish’.

Ghost Diving volunteers are operating in their free time and carry out innovative and challenging nature conservation projects independent or with the help of known and unknown fellow environmental organizations. Their efforts have brought the phenomenon of “ghost fishing” to the attention of the public through key international collaborations, mind blowing underwater photography, and unparalleled results.

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Ghost Diving Foundation is a charity, operating around the world cleaning up the oceans from lost fishing gear and other marine litter. Ghost Diving Foundation runs entirely on donations, only thus can we continue our important conservation an education work.

Ghost Diving Foundation is an official registered ANBI approved charity organization. Gifts are tax deductible in The Netherlands. We work exclusively with passionate volunteers and we are totally dependent on sponsors, donations and gifts.

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