Coordinator: Sameh Sokar

Sameh is a GUE CCR and Technical Instructor with a passion for exploration and discovery. Based in Dahab in the Red Sea in Egypt, Sameh runs his own dive center, Scuba Seekers.
Being an instructor for over 14 years, Sameh has been teaching all levels of Technical Diving for different training organisations and is nowadays active as a CCR, Tech and Rec Instructor for GUE, TDI and IANTD. Through his exploration and knowledge of the local reefs, caverns and canyons in Dahab, Sameh became aware of discarded nets in areas that are not frequently visited by diver – ghost nets at deeper depths that had been there for a long time and continued to make a devastating impact on the reefs and the marine life.

Through collaboration with Ghost Diving and establishing Ghost Diving Egypt, Sameh found that with the right tools, team and plan, these nets could be safely removed without putting the team or the environment at risk. The Red Sea has one of the richest underwater ecosystems in the world and Dahab hosts many coral reefs and marine life species found only in the Red Sea. Protecting the reef and marine life that lives there is so important for the future of diving in this unique ecosystem.