Coordinator: Kai Wallash

Kai is a GUE trained diver with a strong relationship towards nature and ecosystems. He has been diving since the late 80ies and served as an professional salvage diver in the German army. Lost plastic in nature is always collected, by bike, by kayak or during a challenging run. Educating society and next generation in awareness of environmental pollution and sustainability is a very important task for him.

Leading a newly formed team of the German chapter, the next future we will be focused on removal of lost fishing gear from wrecks withing Germany and collaboration with other chapters.

Coordinator: Derk Remmers

Derk is a GUE CCR and Technical Instructor and Instructor Trainer with a passion for wreck exploration and conservation. He started diving in the 80ies, and his although diving career led him to a many seas, his main diving area are the European waters. As divers, we are direct witnesses how plastics, and especially lost fishing gear, is pollution the seas.

To help solve this problem and raise awareness, he is honored to serve as a vice coordinator for the newly founded German chapter.