20 Apr 2021

First ghost gear tests conducted with Deeptrekker ROV

When we set a trend in cleaning up lost fishing gear with divers, we focused on conducting this activity in the most safe way. After years of testing, training and building up experience, we have managed to build up a solid set of standard procedures that we have successfully applied in our many international diving projects. But of course we never sit still, and neither does technology.

Yesterday we started our partnership with Deep Trekker and H2O Drones with the first launch of our DTG3-Expert. The first impressions and tests went great! These specialized ROVs are extremely suitable for our work, and even beyond. With a lot of help from H2O Drones, this became immediately clear to us.

We have done several tests with fishing nets at different depths and distances, with the main goal of getting used to the machine. In the coming period we will be testing a lot more with surveys and the removal of more objects. We will keep you posted!

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