15 Oct 2022

Why our operations in Rügen are so important

Located at the far easterly border of Germany, the peninsula Rügen in the Baltic Sea is a pristine location and a nearly perfect spot for Ghost Diving Germany. Several well sheltered harbours provide the necessary infrastructure and many wrecks are accessible within short range, so it is no wounder that many NGOs who are in the “ghost net business” are moving around Rügen for years.

When Ghost Diving Germany went there last September it was evident that every wreck within a 10nm radius was already cleaned and only last remains of former large nets were remnant on these wrecks. That is a totally good thing!

We also found out, that the diving capability of any other NGO is limited to some 30msw depth max, if even that deep at all. So there are many many wrecks full of nets easily accessible with suitable RIBs or vessels within diving range of Ghost Diving Germany but diving below 30-50msw brings more complexity to it all. The range of 30-50msw means definitely Trimix-Diving, means decompression gases in separate tanks plus additional stages for liftbag deployment. Multiple stages again is beyond the capabilities of the average Tech1 Diver, logistics, gas management, dive gear, bottom time… it all becomes immediately more complex.

Nevertheless, Ghost Diving Germany will continue the mission and salvage nets wherever we find them, going where the nets are no matter the difficulties. In 2023 Rügen will see some serious salvage missions around Kap Arkona and beyond. An additional aspect there is the possible cooperation with local government archeologists for wreck sites; our team can document the wrecks easily during a salvage dives and provide the footage to maritime archeologists, which lack the ability or the manpower to do so for themselves. And vice versa, we can receive exclusive information about wreck sites with lots of nets, win-win.

Kai Wallash, coordinator Ghost Diving Germany

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