25 Mar 2023

The extremely high price of our eating habits

During their first action of 2023, our Ghost Diving Greece volunteers faced a horrific situation when they tried to remove a ghost net from the waters of the Saronic Gulf. An unlucky turtle became entangled in a fishing net, presumably while trying to feed, and subsequently drowned.

Considering the magnitude of the problem, that 640,000 tons of fishing gear is lost or abandoned in the world's seas and oceans every year, how many marine animals are being quietly lost? Millions… while foraging for food in their own natural environment.

This fishing net, which got caught in a metal structure, has now been brought to the surface by our Ghost Diving team so it can no longer pose a threat to marine life.

The fate of the turtle, well, the picture speaks for itself.

This is the disastrous effect of abandoned fishing gear. This fishing gear is only there because there is a huge demand for fish from our society. This is the extremely high price the environment pays for our eating habits.

Let this sink in for a moment.

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