11 Apr 2023

Healthy Seas goes Global with Record Number of Activities

Thanks to the commitment and passion of our Healthy Seas team, our partners and of the many Ghost Diving volunteers we are proud to collaborate with, 2022 was an incredible year for Healthy Seas!

Through hard work, strategic synergies, and creativity, we were able to achieve a truly global expansion of our activities. In the past year, Healthy Seas began operating in two new continents, North America, and Asia with regular cleanups in Hong Kong, USA (West Coast) and South Korea.

We also widened our educational scope, engaging more children than ever before through interactive learning activities, physical and digital games. And while new is always exciting and necessary for the growth of an organization, we also focused much for our energy and resources to Ithaca, Greece, where we returned to continue cleaning up the surrounding sea from yet another abandoned fish farm.

Our expertise in organizing such large-scale cleanups is becoming acknowledged more and more, and we as a team are more confident than ever that we can make even greater and longer lasting positive environmental impact on local, regional, and international level. That is our goal and commitment.

Download: The 2022 Healthy Seas Activity Report

Veronika Mikos, Director

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