15 Apr 2023

MV MAKO is getting ready for the new North Sea season

Our boat MV MAKO is currently being prepared for a new North Sea season by our volunteers. Among other things, she was taken out of the water to completely clean the bottom of the boat from fouling and to provide it with a new anti-fouling paint. In this way, other parts could also be cleaned more easily, such as both propellers. The engines have also been thoroughly checked and serviced, as well as the electricity. Inside the wheelhouse, the necessary adjustments have also been made to the dashboard, which has been rearranged after one of the engine monitor screens had to be replaced. It all looks very nice again and this gives a good feeling when we go diving on the North Sea again.

We also cherish days like this as a team to meet again, catch up and of course work together. As usual, the day ends with a shared meal.

By the way, did you know that almost the entire team used the winter months to provide themselves with the necessary papers needed to steer the boat and operate the communication equipment? That is also part of being responsible for a boat. Preparation is half the battle!

This was another great piece of teamwork, thank you all.

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