01 Aug 2023

Ghost Diving Poland supports Operation Spöknät in Sweden

In July 2023 the total of five members of Ghost Diving Poland together with other divers, volunteered in a project organized and managed by GUE Sweden – Operation Spöknät.

The project was launched in 2019 to map and remove ghost nets from the waters around Sweden, including the Baltic Sea. The goal of this year’s edition was to collect documentation of the positions in Kalmar and Blekinge counties where ghost nets are potentially present (mostly on the local shipwrecks).

Volunteer divers joining Operation Spöknät were able to visit and document over 30 positions. Some of the wrecks were literally covered with nets some others were surprisingly clean and free of any ghost fishing gear.

GUE Sweden is already planning the next round of the project. The plan for 2024 is to start recovering documented ghost nets. We are happy that Ghost Diving Members cooperate with other projects that fight for the same cause!

Bartek Trzcinski | Coordinator Ghost Diving Poland

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