30 Jun 2023

Ghost Diving Germany at the Baltic Sea again

In June 2023 Ghost Diving Germany went out again, operating from Fehmarn at the Baltic Sea, again. Fehmarn is a pristine location for net raids as it provides access in all directions and has seen intensive fishing in past times, so there are plenty of nets to be found.

This time we went for the wreck of VS54, an armed fishing boat sunk during WW2. Laying upright in about 28m with most of the upper construction still intact, it is a beautiful wreck. However, the exposed position makes it prone for strong currents and low visibility.

Positioned just in the middle of a maritime traffic separation scheme, diving has to be well coordinated. GDG went out with 2 independent RHIBs, providing support and redundancy for 8 divers.

Within two days we were able to retrieve an excellent result in terms of salvaged nets, both trawler nets and a small amount of gill nets. Most of the attached mussels and anemones could be saved and were relocated to a museum for marine science.

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