12 Sep 2023

10 Years of Ghost Diving

It was late 2012 when we decided that conservation diving, and in particular the focus on removing lost fishing gear, had to be approached in an effective and, in particular, safer way. Ghost Diving was founded by a small group of enthusiastic technical divers in the Netherlands. We first started as an organization in 2013, and our first ever international project took place in Krnica, Croatia.

This year, 2023, we celebrate 10 years of activity. And how could it be otherwise, this had to take place in an iconic place: Krnica, Croatia. So back to our roots.

We celebrated this occasion with our partner in crime, Healthy Seas, which also coincidentally started in 2013. So double celebration! We were able to celebrate this together with representatives from almost all Ghost Diving chapters, and with all our partners who make our work possible.

It was a big party, with of course a major clean-up of the many lost fishing gear along the coastlines around Krnica. For some of our Ghost Diving divers, this was the first time they saw each other in real life and therefore also dived together for the first time. Our standards and unity of procedures naturally ensured that this was not a problem at all. The missions were completed without any problems and with very good results.

We thank everyone for making our 10th anniversary special and we are ready for the next 10 years and more.

Ghost fishing gear is everywhere, but so are we!

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