Who we are

Ghost Diving
is a registered charity run by technical divers who have specialized in the removal of lost fishing gear and other marine debris since 2009. The organization started in 2012 with the name Ghost Fishing Foundation and our efforts have brought the phenomenon of 'ghost fishing' to the attention of the public through key international collaborations, inspiring underwater photography, and unparalleled results. 

In 2020, the entire global organization was reorganized and renamed into Ghost Diving Foundation, from that moment on, the organization took on a much stronger and more recognizable identity.

Ghost Diving is the largest and most experienced global diving organization focused on the "ghost fishing" phenomenon with a track record in a wide variety of countries and international waters.

Ghost Diving consists of exclusively volunteers carrying out innovative and challenging nature conservation projects independent or with the help of known and unknown fellow environmental organizations.

Ghost Diving relies 100% on donations from the public or companies and will use these funds to pay for their expenses such as boats and diving gases. All time spent by volunteers and the purchase of their personal equipment is entirely at their own time and expense.

To this day, the Ghost Diving team has carried out diving projects independently or in collaboration with several international environmental and/or diving organizations like: Healthy Seas Foundation, Greenpeace, Sea ShepherdWWF, Global Ghost Gear Initiative and Global Underwater Explorers.

With our headquarters based in the Netherlands, the Ghost Diving concept has inspired many others and spread to 16 countries in the world where local diving teams now also identify as Ghost Diving chapters.

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